The Pacific Queen, previously Hansaline, was built in Norway in 1970 and it was completely renovated in 1989. She was trading in Germany doing day cruises from Kollum Denmark to Flensburgh Germany in the Baltic Sea until June of 2003. The Pacific Queen was brought to Panama on July of 2003 and operations began in October 2003 doing Panama Canal transits.

The Pacific Queen is registered in Panama. She has 3 decks, two of which are closed with air conditioning, and one deck is an open sun deck. The sun deck is partially covered. The lower deck has 
a bar where food and drinks are served. There are five rest rooms and a gift shop were specially selected crafts, hats, T shirts, and many other items are available for sale.

The capacity of the vessel is 283 passengers according to the safety certificate issued by the Panamenian maritime authority (AMP). Nevertheless, the capacity limit has been set at 270 for better passenger comfort. The vessel has a speaker system for music and for tour guide narration of the cruise. 

The Pacific Queen offers 1 full transit per month which is on a Saturday. 

Partial Panama Canal transits are offered every Saturday They may depart from Flemenco Island at 7:30 am for a north bound partial transit, or we will provide a bus departarting from Flemenco Island at 10 am to Gamboa for the southbound transit to Flemenco Island. Usually only one partial will be provided, morning or afternoon. Partial transits cruuise through both Pacific sets of locks (Miraflores and Pedro Miguel), and the Gailard Cut.

Transit only bookings do not include transfers to and from the dock and hotel . Flemenco Island is connected by a land bridge to the mainland. A taxi ride from most Panama City hotels is 15 - 30 minutes depending on traffic.
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